The Fascinating World of Vintage Comic Books Comics

Almost all of us have grown up with comic books. For many of us they were a great form of entertainment.

Today there are many die hard comic book fans among adults as well. The earliest form of comic books was the comic strip that originated in newspapers in the late nineteenth century. These comic strips became an instant hit with readers, boosting the sales of the publications featuring them. That encouraged the publishers to go for exclusive comic book collections, and gradually a mass following developed for this amazing form of entertainment. Vintage comic books of that era have become precious and valuable antiques for those who love to collect them.

The real revolution in the world of comic books came with the launch of Superman as a comic book character in 1938. It caught people’s imagination and led creative writers and publishers to create a number of these larger than life characters that became comic book heroes for kids and adults alike.

Apart from comic strips and comic books in the standard format, there is also a graphic novel format that has become hugely popular. For those who have an insatiable appetite for comic stories, these fat books provide plenty of thrilling content. Furthermore, the Internet explosion has led to the creation of “Webcomics” too. These include comic strips and comic books with their online avatars that readers can enjoy on their computer screens.

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are two prominent publishers of comic books worldwide. Marvel is famous for creating characters that seem to have been taken out of real life, and suffer from the same weaknesses as any other average human being. But they gain miracles powers to perform superhuman deeds. Some of the historic characters include Spiderman and the Hulk. DC Comics is credited with bringing the superhero craze to our world with its creation of Superman. Yet another equally famous character is Batman. There are some serious fans around that live to collect these two characters.

Collection of vintage comic books has become a major and profitable hobby for comic book collectors. These priceless possessions have immense emotional value for the owner, and just like family heirlooms and antique jewels, they are passed down from generation to generation.

Many vintage comic books have a substantial monetary worth on the open market. The value primarily depends upon the kind of comic book, the character that it features, the age of the book, and the condition of the book. To estimate the real worth of your vintage collection if you have one, there are various price guides available to help you make a reasonable assessment. With the advent of the Internet, the market for these vintage collections has also gone online.

Many valuable comic books are available on auction websites. You may put up your collections online for sale, or if you are an avid collector, you may strike up a few good purchase deals online.

Like your other productive assets such as antiques, the older your comic book gets, the rarer it becomes so the market value rises proportionately.

The passion for collecting vintage comic books has grown so widely that there are many comic book conventions held in various states each year. Some comic book conventions are also held online. San Diego’s annual comic convention is known as Comic-Con International and is a highly popular event. Comic-Cons are also held in Baltimore, New York, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City.

Basically, what started off as an innocent child’s habit of collecting comic books for his personal library collection has snowballed into a lucrative industry with Vintage Comic Books. Adults are keener on this hobby than kids, and many have turned the popularity of this hobby into a profitable business opportunity as well.

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