Eye Appealing Coins

Eye Appealing Coins
Phil Hinkelman

Phil has been around coins from a very young age. Starting with the normal blue penny and nickel Whitman coin folders, and then gradually developing a taste for type coins. During this growth, Phil discovered the wonderful world of toned coins. He then was able to combine another hobby, photography, with this new found interest. After working for a number of years, he has been able to develop an amazing set of skills in photographing beautiful coins. Soon after, a number of major coin dealers began to contact Phil to photograph inventory for their own web sites. Phil has photographed a number of major private collections and has brought his amazing skills to Eye Appealing Coins. Phil travels to all major shows and is quite well known, while seeking out new acquisitions to purchase, adding to the constantly, ever changing inventory of Eye Appealing Coins.

Ray Hinkelman

Ray began collecting coins when he was 12 years old. As most youngsters, he then proceeded to spend the collection when something else assumed a higher priority. Around the age of 20, he began assembling a complete U.S. Type set of copper and silver coins. Upon completion of the set and after being married to Kathleen a few years (now for over 40 years!), he attended a small coin club show to exhibit his collection. The set was so outstanding, he was offered a significant amount by a fellow club member for one of the last coins he had purchased for the set; a beautiful 1797 half dime. He quickly discovered others that were interested in the type of coins he had collected, so he began setting up at local and club shows in the Ohio area. This success then fueled his coin passion further, and he became a regular face at all of the national coin shows. Being told many times he has a “great coin eye” has furthered his success on the show circuit by selling directly to dealers and working with investor clients. Assisting a number of clients in assembling outstanding collections has generated considerable profits to the investor when the collections were presented to the marketplace. Ray continues to travel the country seeking only the finest “Eye Appealing Coins”. While attending all the major shows, his reputation has developed to the point where other dealers approach him with special eye appealing coins. Rays' true passion for coins are best expressed in the phrase “beautiful coins will always be beautiful.”


We believe that the beautiful coins are the best investment opportunity and the best for personal collections in the long run. Let face it, if you want only to fill holes it can be done without ever worrying what the coin looks like or even the grade. We believe that each day you might want to look at your collection and take pride in the efforts expended. Don't you really want to look at something really beautiful? Some day perhaps you may want to pass your collection on to a Son or Daughter. Don't you want their reaction to be “Wow Dad (or Mom), these are really beautiful”! The choice is yours but if one looks at history one will see that the really stunning and beautiful coins return the highest, not just “sheet” prices.
  • PCGS
  • NGC
  • FUN (Florida United Numismatists)
  • CAC